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Power Integrity Books
"EMI/EMC Computational Modeling Handbook" 2nd Ed, Archambeault
"PCB Design for Real-World EMI Control", Archambeault
"Signal Integrity Simplified 2nd Ed", Bogatin
"HDI Handbook", Holden
"Noise Coupling In Integrated Circuits", Iorga
"Frequency-Domain Characterization of Power Distribution Networks", Novak
"Power Distribution Network Design Methodologies", Novak
"Power Integrity Modeling and Design in Semiconductors and Systems", Swaminathan

IPBLOX offers complete power delivery solutions.  We provide innovative and cost effective solutions to many of the difficult power delivery challenges facing designers today.  Our system approach yields results that meet or exceed requirements at the lowest possible cost and in the minimum space required. 

We have authored numerous papers on power delivery many which are available for download Here.  Additional papers are available from partner sites.

IPBLOX is closely affiliated with recognized industry leaders in:

  • Measurement Based IBIS Model Development

  • 3D Full-wave E/M Simulation

  • High-speed Serial Channel Development and Characterization

  • Advanced Packaging Solutions

We can assist at almost any point in the process:  From conceptual planning, requirements development, and detail design, to complete performance characterization and problem resolution in production systems. 

We work directly with customers as well as through our partner organization Teraspeed Consulting Group.